This week on our Ask the Designer series we’re talking about nursery trends. Trends are often sought after and determined by a number of factors including retailers like Caden Lane, so we hope you’re able to get a lot of useful information from our designer, Katy Mimari, this week! Without further ado, here we go!

As a designer you follow trends in nursery design pretty closely. Have there been any nursery trends that have stuck with you even after they’re no longer “in”?

Hmmm, well I’d have to admit that the Coral Nursery Trend still holds a special place in my heart! I just can’t seem to quit that gorgeous shade of peach, and it never seems to get old either – don’t you agree? In fact – I love how it’s transformed into multiple shades: Peach Nursery trend anyone? Conversely, I was over the Chevron Nursery Trend before the rest of the world. I still make a slight gagging noise every time I see anything chevron. It was just sooooo over-done. Of course, we still have chevron baby bedding – but it seems minimal. In fact, let’s call it zig zag baby bedding!

Is there a difference between nursery trends and nursery themes? Are nursery trends the new themes?

Ooooh, great question! Yes, I think the typical “nursery theme” has turned into the new nursery trend! In our baby store in San Antonio, Nursery Couture, we always ask expecting parents what their nursery theme is – and it’s so funny to hear most of them state colors as a theme instead of a specific animal, or occupation like ballerinas and/or airplanes.
Katy Mimari Nursery Designer Quote, "Yes, I think the typical "nursery theme" has turned into the new nursery trend"

What nursery trends do you consider “timeless”?

Animal themes seem to be pretty timeless, especially for baby boy nursery design. Elephants and monkeys have always been top on my list – their neutral colors work well for gender neutral nursery design too.

Fun Modern Animal Trend Nursery

Via The Animal Print Shop

In the last “Ask the Designer” post we talked about color, so, color or trends? Where would you start?

I think that one doesn’t exclude the other. If you have colors that you love for the room you can typically make them work with a “theme” and the other way around. You can start with either and end up with a gorgeous nursery. If you want to start with color, current popular  trends in nursery design seem to still be leaning heavily towards unique color combinations like coral and navy, mint, and pink and blue. Gray and yellow nursery design has been holding strong for years too!

Styles come back around in cycles; do you see that with nursery trends also? And is it ever close enough to be able to reuse with another child?

Definitely! Things like cribs, furniture and even quilts have definitely come back around from years ago. The mid-century modern trend in furniture that is so popular again has definitely flowed over into nursery design. And quilts, while modernized and maybe not handmade by grandma any more, have come back into popularity. Plus, I love being able to use pass-me downs! Especially when you can make something old new again. I think, like in fashion and other industries, it can take decades to recycle trends but the Boho Nursery Trend is a great example of how trends can evolve and combine into something new, which can be perfect for a second child! The boho nursery is an eclectic mix of recently popular trends such as rustic, vintage and tribal. It’s a great way to incorporate a few dated trends from years past with fresh trends, colors, and styles! I’d even be OK with a little chevron mixed in to a perfectly boho styled nursery.

A Bright & Sweet Boho Nursery Idea Board

What is your current favorite trend and why?

I love the navy and coral / peach combination. I think the navy is such a fresh contrast against the lighter peach shades and together with a vintage style floral print, it really allows for a unique and trendy nursery design. One of our newest crib sets, the Charlie’s Crib Bedding in coral and navy, can be mixed and matched with a printed ruffle crib skirt, or our gradient coral ombre crib skirt. Add a few gold accents and you’ve got a GORGEOUS trendy nursery!

Charlie's Coral & Navy Crib Bedding Options

What has been the worst nursery trend in recent years, in your opinion?

Chevron. LOL. But it’s a love-hate relationship! I was obsessed at first, and even did my youngest daughter’s room in the chevron print (before it was crazy popular)! But, as soon as you start to see the pattern on everything from wrapping paper to tissue boxes, you know it’s over and done.

Where is a good place to look for the latest in nursery trends?

Pinterest is a gold mine for design ideas, trends, and inspiration. I always recommend starting a few baby boards with different color ideas – that way you can see which board you pin most to. Sometimes the hardest part is narrowing down to a specific style, especially with so many nursery trends to pick from right now! Two of my favorite boards we have are Gold Nursery Inspiration and Tribal Nursery Ideas.

Gold Nursery Trends Inspiration Pinterest BoardTribal Nursery Trends Pinterest Board

What if a trend you love doesn’t match the rest of your house…at all? Should you still go for it?

Oh, no need to worry about that! The nursery is the one room where anything goes! So if you want to paint stripes on the ceiling, and glue rhinestones on the wall – you go for it. In fact, I can’t even imagine a “living room” inspired nursery – so pay no attention to the rest of your home, your kids rooms should be unique, and have a certain aww-factor when you’re standing at the door. It should not match your master bedroom!

Is it okay to pick and choose elements from different nursery trends you love and end up not being on trend?

Of course! If I worried about always being on trend I should take a long look at my own closet! Lol! I think I mentioned it above, but one of the hottest trends right now is the Boho Style nursery, which is perfectly described as a combination of multiple styles, colors, and prints! So absolutely, pick and choose your favorite aspects of any design trend – if you love it, it’ll be perfect in your dream nursery! And luckily, that little bean can’t really speak up for a few years with their opinion – so just go for it!

What have been the most popular trends for Caden Lane?

Well, the trend that put us on the map was back in 2005 with the pink and brown and blue and brown color combinations, so I’d say that design trend will always have a special place in my heart! (We even have a few of those sets available in our SALE section!) The color coral definitely was a huge hit for us, our original coral ombre crib skirt mix and matches with so many of our coral crib sets, and our coral and gold dot baby bedding has been a top seller for years. Chevron has also been one of our top trends, our Ikat Collection offered a gorgeous pink and turquoise chevron crib set, and the same in blue and gray for boys. Today, I’d say the eclectic boho mix and match style is top on our list – but we have a huge selection of crib sheets that coordinate with almost any nursery trend!

Caden Lane Popular Coral Nursery Trend

What do you see as the biggest nursery trends for the rest of 2016?

I think we are going to see a lot of new floral prints, especially in the watercolor and bohemian style prints. We just added our Teagan’s crib set which features the popular Rifle Paper Co prints in unique and fresh color combinations.


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We just made all of our crib skirts available as crib separates! We’ve received numerous requests asking for certain crib skirts individually that were only sold in designer coordinated 2-piece sets and after slowly adding more to our crib skirt separates, we made the decision to make all of our crib skirts available individually. Even our 3-print triple ruffles!  So now you can mix and match to your heart’s content and create the crib you’ve been dreaming of with any of our crib skirts.

Now that all of our items are available as crib separates, you have the choice to add your favorite prints however you like throughout your nursery. Add a changing pad cover on the changing table, a crib skirt in the same print on the crib, and an accent pillow in the rocker and you’ve got the beginnings of a beautiful nursery!

Having all of our products available as individual items gives you the freedom to get creative and create a truly unique space for you and baby. Some of our most asked for crib skirt separates were our Everly’s Garden, Mint & Gold Aztec, and Coral & Gold Sparkle designs.Crib Skirt Separates

One idea is to pair our Charlie’s Coral & Navy Floral Ruffle Crib Skirt with our White Dot Crib Sheet for a unique and versatile look. And don’t forget to add the changing pad cover and crib rail in coordinating prints!

With Crib Skirt Separates you can mix and match like our Charlie's Coral & Navy Floral Crib Skirt and our White Dot Crib Sheet


And for moms of multiples, this is your dream come true! Create unique and coordinating cribs with either a different crib skirt and the same crib sheet or the same crib skirt and different sheets.  You can even get super creative and pair different crib skirts that flow together and use a solid crib sheet that could interchange easily to create a different look.

Now that all of our crib skirts are available individually, how do you plan on styling them in your nursery? We’re excited to see what you all come up with! Get started by taking a look at all of our crib skirts here.



In this week’s Ask the Designer post were talking about color in the nursery. Our designer, Katy Mimari, answers questions about how to use it in your own nursery. Color is one of the fun parts of nursery design, so we hope you find this fun and insightful!

Color plays a big role in nursery design. What are some of your favorite ways to bring in color in the nursery?

You should never be afraid of color, especially in the nursery! It’s the one room in the house where anything goes, and the combination of colors which would otherwise look awkward in the kitchen can be gorgeous in a nursery or child’s room. One of my favorite ways to bring color into the nursery is to start with the textiles, especially the bedding. The colors in the fabrics can help set the tone and style of the room design.

Colorful Crib Bedding to Pull out Color in the Nursery

Olivia’s Crib Bedding Collection | Teagan’s Crib Bedding Collection | Buttercup Crib Bedding Collection

Where do you think color is most impactful on the room?

The walls (ceiling included!) are a great way to make a large impact with color. Just remember, if you are going dark, try to stick to an accent wall, or thick stripes on the ceiling. I love the tonal trend where one wall is a few shades darker than the other 3 walls, or you can keep it simple with a subtle hue and let the decor really stand out.

Are walls, furniture, or textiles most important in creating the color palette for a room?

I think the textiles set the tone, and combination of color in the nursery. The walls and furniture should be more simple in shades – but don’t be afraid to find a crib set that uses a large variety of colors! For example, some of our floral crib sets have a wide variety of color in their prints, and it’s the perfect example of how you can pull your favorite color from the textile and use that as the color on the walls. Don’t be afraid to make it your own style! And sometimes the most unexpected color combinations are the best.

Color Coordinating in the nursery with the crib bedding

Coordinating Colors in Scarlett’s Nursery

Do you think colors create different moods in the nursery? And do you think that can have an effect on the baby?

I think the baby has no opinion on the nursery, so do what you want! A soft and sweet nursery palette can sooth a baby as well as a coral and mint room. That sweet baby will love the hugs and kisses it receives in that room, regardless of the color!

What are some of your favorite colors to use in the nursery right now?

I love color combinations, so I’d say my top picks for color in the nursery are coral and mint, navy and peach, and navy and mint for baby boys! Mint has gained popularity this year in nursery design, and it so perfectly complements colors for girls and boys. A mint nursery is extremely gender neutral.

Coral & Mint Color Combination in the Nursery

Mini Floral Mint Pastel Crib Bedding

Do you prefer bright and bold colors in the nursery or the more traditional soft and pastel colors?

Can I say both? I feel like my style changes daily! Sometimes I find myself daydreaming over our linen and lace bedding, I love the blush pink accents and vintage appeal…. and then in the same day I can drool over a bright and bold print in pink, turquoise, and gold! My inspiration and style changes almost by the minute!

Linen & Lace Crib Bedding Collection in Soft Pastel Colors

How much color is too much color?

Too much color, nah…. not possible.

What basic rules should you follow when bringing in colors to a nursery?

Start with the bedding! We always recommend keeping fabric swatches of your crib set in your purse or car so that you have a sample of the colors while you’re out shopping! You never know when you might need to color match something! So, maybe that isn’t really a rule on how to bring colors into the nursery, but I promise you’ll know when you find your dream baby bedding, and the rest will just come naturally! Colors included!

"We always recommend keeping fabric swatches of your crib set in your purse or car so that you have a sample of the colors while you're out shopping!"

What colors would you never pair together in your opinion?

Hmmmmm. I’m not crazy about an all white nursery. It seems so impractical to me. Then again, white isn’t actually a color – it’s the absence of all color! So maybe that’s why I think it’s missing something!

Are you strict about sticking to a color pallet? If you find an accessory that you fall in love with that’s an “off” color after you’re already gotten pretty far into the design can you normally find a way to work it in?

Absolutely! Just because your favorite color isn’t in the bedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it elsewhere! Gold accents seem to be huge in nursery design right now, and it’s hard to find cute gold baby bedding (except from us)! So, think about adding a gold lamp, gold picture frames, and maybe a few gold decorative accents to tie it all together. You’ll know when it doesn’t look right; it’s a mother’s instinct!

Is there anything else we should think about regarding color in the nursery?

It’s good to start with a general idea of what your main color will be, and then let the design process inspire you! Keep an open mind, you may think you want one thing and fall in love with another – either way, I promise you’ll know your dream nursery bedding when you see it. Happy decorating!


Do you have any questions for our designer? If so leave them in the comments below and we might include them in a future Ask the Designer post. And if you missed the first post in this series about how to get started wtih your nursery design, you can find it here.